Welcome to Fab-YOU-lous Life!

Hello and welcome to FabYOUlouslife.com!  This is a place where YOU are celebrated for everything that makes YOU beautiful, unique and of course…FabYOUlous.

Navigating the site is easy but here is a quick run down on some of the great things that you’ll discover as you become a part of the FabYOUlous Life community.

The tabs on the menu bar make it easy to find specific information.

ABOUT ME:  Easy enough–this tab is where you can get to know me a little better.  I hope to get to know my readers so I think it’s only fair to let my readers know a little more about me.  I’ll add tidbits to this page as warranted but for the most part, this will remain a static page with few updates.

CONTACT:  I’d LOVE to hear from you.  Please use the form on this page to pop me a message.  If you find something on the site that was particularly helpful–I want to know.  If there is something that you don’t agree with or isn’t working correctly–I want to know.  If you have questions or suggestions for the site–I want to know.  This site is designed with YOU in mind so I want to know the types of posts that YOU find most useful and enjoyable.

ADVERTISING/MEDIA:  Information on advertising rates for this site as well as contact information for media appearances, guest posting etc.  A FabYOUlous Life Media Kit is also available upon request.

FAB SELF:  This page is chock full of fun information that deals directly with you and will help you become the most FabYOUlous version of yourself possible.  Everything from pampering tips, to self esteem builders, health information, professional pointers and more…if it deals directly with your spiritual and emotional, professional and physical wellness it can be found on this page.

FAB FUN:  This is the place for all kinds of FabYOUlously fun ideas and inspiration.  Craft ideas–yep.  Party themes–yep.  Silly stories–yep.  While we strive to ensure that every page on this site is fun and engaging–this is the page where fun is the focus.

FAB CONNECTIONS: The old saying, “no man is an island” is SO true.  We are all connected in so many FabYOUlous ways.  Are you married? Do you have children?  Who do you work with?  Who are your friends?  This page is dedicated to helping you make the most of all of those vital connections in your life.  From ideas to enhance your marriage to suggestions for girlfriend getaways…this is the page that will inspire you to get and stay connected to those who make a difference in your life.

FAB STYLE:  We all want to look good whether it’s our clothes & accessories, our hairstyle or our make-up.  We also want our surroundings to look good and be a true reflection of our FabYOUlous selves.  That’s what this page is all about…style.  We’ll have tips and inspiration for personal style as well as home decor and organization ideas that will have you not only feeling FabYOUlous but looking FabYOUlous and living FabYOUlously too.

FAB FINDS:  Every so often, we come across products that are SOOOO FabYOUlous that we wonder how on earth we ever got along without them.  Well, it wouldn’t be right to keep these products to ourselves right?  On this page you’ll find product reviews and other fun information on FabYOUlous products that you’ll love.

MORE FABYOULOUSNESS:  There is bound to be FabYOUlous information that we come across and want to share that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.  No worries though–this page is a catch-all for all of that FabYOUlousness that is too good to pass up but too unique to pigeon-hole into the other categories.

Other Fab Things to Watch For

Monday Musings:  Every second and fourth Monday of the month will feature a special “Monday Musings” post.  This post will pose a question with some supporting thoughts to help guide you to think about your life and ways to make it more FabYOUlous.

Thankful Thursday: Every Thursday will feature a post with a unique and FabYOUlous way of thinking about our lives (victories and challenges) in a way that will help encourage an attitude of gratitude.

Work it Wednesday:  Every first and third Wednesday of the month will feature posts that help you flaunt your FabYOUlousness on the job. Whether you are a high-powered corporate executive, a dedicated grade school teacher or a stay-at-home mom, these tips will give you the upper hand in your chosen profession.